Track Record

Nature’s inspiration is chemical data and human sense of beauty combined

Strategy is Thought Leadership & Action combined.

20+ years marketing experience

Deep knowledge in unifying insight/creative/analytics

Versed in multi-channel planning across lifecycle

I revel in thinking strategically, employing a careful balance of innovation and pragmatism. Crafting Digital and Multi-channel experiences requires both a broad and specialized skills. By now, it just comes naturally. 

My most recent work was leading all digital strategy work for Sunovion Pharmaceuticals; three brands at very different stages in their lifecycle, with very different audiences and challenges. 

A flurry of firsts! 

  • Built Digital Blockbuster with ROI’s ranging from 5:1 (Digital channel acq.) to 15:1 (SEM)
  • Patient-centricity embraced: Crafted Sunovion highly successful patient-centric strategy and digital expression with dramatic results
  • Multi-channel patient adherence program I led became model for company
  • Pre-launch: built awareness in Parkinson’s community with innovation strategy: Hackathon, product development, Social campaign, Advocacy group partnerships and grassroots events
  • Developed “unified lexicon” for patients/HCP’s: pre-launch disease ed. campaign used proprietary Search analysis, insight-based research/interviews to bridge communication barrier to earlier diagnosis
  • Workshops galore: Personally led many client workshops, brand planning innovation brainstorms, etc.
  • “Owned” the work: every project in last 6+ years was either strategically developed by me or I had the pleasure to lead the Team

Built Digital Blockbuster: LATUDA from Sunovion, a blockbuster for bipolar disorder. The digital work surpassed nearly every industry metric by the benchmarking company TGaS. The many marketing, media and creative awards, the outrageous ROI, moving the brand to a true customer-centric Voice and Experience, seeing how by simply re-positioning the same content and assets, all previous success metrics were surpassed — it was an incredible experience to help so many patients and doctors and let the world see that LATUDA is the patient’s voice. That is truly an example of what a Brand believes in.


My professional experience across the brand life cycle delivering digital and multi-channel experiences is one that has impacted lives, grown brands and managed to have a lot of good fun along the way.

On a more human-to-human level, helping people in business has been the most satisfying part of my career. Having led organizations, created a start-up,  crafted cultures that were employee needs-based, led hackathons, brand planning, patient and HCP workshops, it all comes down to helping others on the path of change and growth. 


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