Track Record

Asking the hard questions is the only path to success.

I revel in thinking strategically, employing a careful balance of innovation and pragmatism. Crafting Digital and Multi-channel experiences requires both a broad and specialized set of skills.

My most recent work was leading all digital strategy work for LATUDA from Sunovion, a blockbuster for bipolar disorder. The digital work surpassed nearly every industry metric by the benchmarking company TGaS. The awards, the outrageous ROI, moving the brand to a true customer-centric Voice and Experience, seeing how by simply re-positioning the same content and assets, all previous success metrics were surpassed — it was an incredible experience to help so many patients and doctors and let the world see that LATUDA is the patient’s voice. That is truly an example of what a Brand believes in.


My professional experience across the brand life cycle delivering digital and multi-channel experiences is one that has impacted lives, grown brands and made many clients very happy. I have worked on mapping Journeys for patients and doctors, led launch teams, seen brands into expiry, built Digital Cultures for companies and much, much more.