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MY BIO SHOTThis isn’t work. This is Personal and Professional mission to create better connections…

Let me tell you a story. I am a deeply experienced Digital/Multi-channel Healthcare Strategist with a track record of success across a dozen therapeutic areas for brands and companies, large and small. That’s not the only reason you should hire me.

The work I do is powered by a personal mission to help patients, doctors, and caregivers connect with brands and companies to get the very best information, engagement and service — so they can connect with your brand, how, when and where they want to. But experience is only half the story — it is the passion to help, to solve the challenges our industry faces, to do digital marketing that makes a real difference Why?

A while back, I worked in mass market digital marketing when my sister was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. When asked to research online around the disease, it was shocking and eye-opening. The dearth of information, the poor way it was presented and communicated, the lack of customer-centricity, the utter lack of humanity shocked me. I wanted help figuring this all out but found…nothing. My sister knew this, too. Before she passed, she created a melanoma foundation (http://www.foundationformelanomaresearch.org/ and I switched over to Biopharma knowing I had found my passion, my Mission:

Create more human, customer-centric Brands that truly connect by crafting better experiences.

Call me, Alfred O’Neill to discuss:  215-688-7613 aoneill@harbingerassociates.net Services I (and a Network of like-minded folks) provide: 

  • Insight mining for patients and physicians
  • Customer Experience Communications Road Map
  • Brand Planning
  • Relationship Marketing Strategy & execution
  • Digital Training
  • Multi-Channel marketing, Digital emphasis
  • CRM Planning and Measurement/KPI Development
  • Content Strategy / User Experience
  • Develop, design & build Web properties or digital assets/content
  • High-Growth Road Maps for Targeted Customer Acquisition
  • Adherence programs
  • Organizational change