Life Marketing: the Who, Why and How of Engaging with Humans


In this time of tumult and uncertainty, people are turning to shape an ever greater focus on the quality of their day-to-day life. Living well. Living healthy. Living happy. As marketers, we may have more media and more data than ever, but is it shaped to market in this reality of holistic health? Or are we still just pushing treatments with the familiar playbook?

Are you meaningful, or are you just creating more pablum and noise they do not need?

Our industry — pharma, healthcare — still struggles with seeing patients as people, or customers as humans who have a lot on their minds beyond your treatment. Living life in its fullest sense: how to walk in the world, how to cope, how to juggle, how to change, how to succeed and how not to fail.

How does your brand fit into this hyper-individualistic world? What value or meaning do you actually provide? That messaging and content you worked so hard on can be so easily lost.

So how does one create “meaning” and measure it?

Let’s play this out:

Who exactly are these people you want as customers?

What do we know about them that gives us true holistic insight?

Why them? Do you view them as people or as numbers?

Why should we fit in their lives? What is your brand’s purpose or mission?(Emotional/Insight/Creative)

How can we fit in their lives? What solution do you offer?(Rational/Analytics/Media/Meaning)

Let me lay down a truth: Humanity, empathy and data are not in conflict — it is about respecting each source of insight for what it provides and having the experience on how best to knit them together.

Customers are humans; they want meaningful connections, responsiveness, and their BS radar is stronger than ever. Customers want to know what you can do for them and what do you stand for as a brand.

And everyone is really impatient.

I have crafted incredibly effective digital and multi-channel strategies that combine insight, analytics and good ole intuition (based on decades of experience), creating communications that move the heart and wallet. I have seen true customer-centricity marketing work well in Pharma, and the ROI it can generate.

The marriage of natural intuition and decades of experience solving problems has made strategy a natural part of who I am.

If this “Mission-based” credo and experience that guides my multi-channel/digital work is something that resonates, write me: or

Or call: 215-688-7613

Shenandoah skyline drive pullout 5.5.21
Always take the holistic view

Who am I? Why should you hire me? 

To create more human, customer-centric Brands that truly engage in the art and science of marketing and humanity.


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