It is time for pharma brands to realize that humanity can be a highly profitable marketing strategy.

…and while re-framing your brand marketing around basic human needs and behaviors is not a simple task, I have seen the reward of powerful ROI’s in acquisition, sales and adherence. Truth be told, this strategic apporach is not only profitable, in the world we live in it is almost a requirement.

Creating ROI-driving strategies for an ever-more human world is what I do very well. It starts with one major question:

What do you believe in?

Customers are humans, they want meaningful connections, responsiveness, and their BS radar is stronger than ever. Customers want to know what you can do for them and what do you stand for as a brand. And everyone is impatient.

In the last several years, I have crafted incredibly effective digital strategies that combine insight, analytics and good ole intuition (based on decades of experience) to create communications that move heart and wallet. I have seen true customer-centricity marketing and the ROI’s it can generate; from patient-centric empathy strategies driving Rx, to evolving a sales force to use both in-person and digital communications to create a continuous high-touch sales experience and make the HCP feel like you “get them”.

If this “Mission-based” credo that guides my multi-channel/digital work is something that resonates, write me: aoneill@harbingerassociates.net

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Who am I? Why should you hire me? 

The horizon is clear. All the many marketing pieces, channels, content, metrics, come together in a horizon-like picture for me. It is a natural instinct. It manifest itself through a hardwired analytical intuition. Seeing marketing plans from this perspective identifies the gaps that so easily occur — between channels, messaging, analytics, User Experience…so many, many elements of communication we have to always look to link together for your Brand to be truly effective.

This isn’t just “work”. The Digital/Multi-channel work I do is powered by a personal mission. Yes, there’s plenty of tales of ROI in my wake, but the genesis of what I do, how important it is to exceed your personal best every time, is about a promise made and kept.

I got into this business to impact lives; at my core is the passion to help brands and companies succeed in this tumultuous, media-fractured world. 

It starts with my sister. Some years back, I worked in mass multi-channel marketing — I was doing credit cards, banks, telecom, but never had touched anything in healthcare. 

When my sister was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. When asked to research online around the disease, it was shocking and eye-opening. The dearth of information, the poor way it was presented, the navel-gazing communication, the lack of customer-centricity, the lack of even the simplest nod to humanity shocked me. I wanted help figuring this all out but found…nothing. My sister knew this, too. Before she passed, she created a melanoma foundation.

Because of her, I switched over to Biopharma knowing I had found my passion, my Mission:

Create more human, customer-centric Brands that truly engage in the art and science of marketing and humanity.

If this “Mission-based” credo that guides my multi-channel/digital work is something that resonates, write me: aoneill@hanrbingerassociates.net