Work and Mission are One.


It seems all of marketing comes down to this:

Who are you?

This is the single most pertinent question for Brands and their customers. The times we live in are not about data, they are about meaning. Data minus flesh-and-bones is only a skeleton, not a human whom you want to connect with.

The idea of a “media target” or “customer persona” is fine — but does than mean you understand your customer better than your competition?


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Who am I? Why should you hire me? 

This isn’t just “work”. The Digital/Multi-channel work I do is powered by a personal mission. Yes, there’s plenty of tales of ROI in my wake, but the genesis of what I do, how important it is to exceed your personal best every time, is about a promise made and kept.

I got into this business to impact lives; at my core is the passion to help brands and companies succeed in this tumultuous, media-fractured world. 

It starts with my sister. Some years back, I worked in mass multi-channel marketing — I was doing credit cards, banks, telecom, but never had touched anything in healthcare. 

When my sister was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. When asked to research online around the disease, it was shocking and eye-opening. The dearth of information, the poor way it was presented, the navel-gazing communication, the lack of customer-centricity, the lack of even the simplest nod to humanity shocked me. I wanted help figuring this all out but found…nothing. My sister knew this, too. Before she passed, she created a melanoma foundation.

Because of her, I switched over to Biopharma knowing I had found my passion, my Mission:

Create more human, customer-centric Brands that truly engage in the art and science of marketing and humanity.

If this “Mission-based” credo that guides my multi-channel/digital work is something that resonates, write me: